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Free OSPE Timer

This timer, designed to support candidates taking the PEBC® OSPE can help you practice anywhere on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC. Like the real exam, our timer emits tones at the:
  • 0 second mark (to mark the beginning of the case)
  • 4.5 minute mark (to indicate you have 1.5 minutes left)
  • 6 minute mark (to indicate that you are out of time)
Note: You need a modern web browser such as Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox 3, Google Chrome, or Safari 3+ on Mac, iPhone, or iPad to use this timer.

Please note that we do not provide technical support for this free service. If you do not hear sounds; it is normally for one of five reasons:(1) Your speaker is on mute; (2) You have an older web browser that does not support HTML5 (in which can you should upgrade to Google Chrome or another modern web browser); (3) Your web browser has Javascript disabled (in which case you can visit for information on how to enable Javascript); or (4) Your firewall does not let you run Javascript (in which case you should temporarily turn off that firewall functionality); or (5) Your computer is infected with a virus that needs to be removed.

PharmAchieve® OSPE TIMER

Terms of Use: This timer is licensed by PharmAchieve to the community on the condition that it strictly be used for for non-commercial use and that the source code not be reverse engineered for the purpose of creating a similar timer. If you do not agree to the terms of use, please do not use this timer or this web page.