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How do I register?

You can register for all our classes and offerings by clicking here.

Who teaches your EE course?

PharmAchieve's EE preparatory course is taught by two award winning faculty members from Canadian universities; namely, Dr. Murray Cutler, PhD a pharmacologist who teaches pharmacists as a professor at the University of Waterloo and Dr. Mark McIntyre, ACPR an emergency medicine pharmacist who teaches pharmacists as a faculty member of the University of Toronto. The combination of a pharmacologist with a pharmacist allows us to provide high quality teaching in both the sciences and the pharmacy practice portions of the Evaluating Exam Syllabus.

When are these offerings available?

The instructor-led course begins anytime; however the 22 live lectures are held on Saturdays and Wednesdays over 10 weeks. The Saturday lectures are from 6am (Vancouver), 7am (Alberta) and 9am (Toronto), and run for 4 hours. The Wednesday lectures are held online from 6:30-8:30pm Toronto time for half the lectures and from 2pm to 4pm for the other half. The start date of our upcoming courses are listed on our registration page.

I don't live in Toronto, can I still take the EE course?

Yes, the program was designed to allow anyone to participate anywhere with a high-speed internet connection. One of the ways PharmAchieve is distinguished is that in addition to having full time Pharmacists, we have full time computer scientists that enables us to develop our own technology to make sure we provide an excellent online experience. We have documented that our online students ask and receive answers to more questions than our students in the physical classroom.

I may not be able to attend all live lectures. Should I still take the instructor led course?

Yes, each live lecture is recorded and posted within 2 days of the live lecture. You can watch that lecture an unlimited number of times; and if you have any question it will be answered by our faculty by posting on the Q&A Forum.

Can I switch between the online and offline version of the Instructor-led stream?

We have structured our course so that we do not distinguish between our online and offline students. Students have the option of attending each lecture online or offline; however these offerings are taxed differently and you will be asked to pay the difference in taxes.

Where are the classes held?

You can attend the instructor-led classes in a physical classroom at Mount Sinai Hospital or online from any location with high-speed internet access. Both of these options are the same price and provide a similar experience.

What is the expected time commitment in the instructor led course?

Students in our instructor-led class are expected to spend about 35 hours per week as follows:

  • Readings: 17 hours
  • Assignments: 4 hours
  • Lecture: 6 hours
  • Question Bank: 5 hours
  • Remediating your weaknesses discovered by the question bank: 3 hours

Do I have access to the online recordings of lectures if I attend the physical classroom?

Yes. All students enrolled in the instructor-led Course have access to all lecture recordings. This allows students to make up for lectures they missed and to review important topics.

What is the format of the Instructor-led Course?

Each week the Instructor-led Course covers 5 to 7 topics. Each topic includes readings, a series of assignments, and questions in our online Question Bank; which is currently the largest and most comprehensive in the industry. Twenty lectures are held over a 10 week period based on a combination of lectures and case-based learning, on topics such as patient care, drug distribution and ethics. We focus on the most highly weighted portions of the exam where mistakes are often made, while still covering all 7 competencies. Students also have the option of getting their questions answered anytime by posting written questions to a searchable question and answer website we call the Q&A Forum, where their questions are answered by PharmD/PhD faculty. Students tell us that our lectures help them summarize and understand the vast amount of materials covered, and develop the logic and reasoning skills needed to solve patient cases in a wide variety of topics.

What if I experience a connection problem when trying to connect online?

We record all lectures and post them online for our students, allowing you to review any portion of a lecture you may have missed.

How satisfied are your students?

All PharmAchieve classes typically have satisfaction rates in the mid 90's.

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