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Why PharmAchieve OSCE Courses?

What makes us different:

  • Our service orientation - PharmAchieve is a Baha'i inspired organization founded upon the Baha'i ideals that "work is worship." Our founders deeply care about the course and their students. This philosophy of caring is reflected in our decision to become the first company in Canada to provide a one student per station policy (see below).

  • Our course is designed to provide you with as much practice and feedback as possible. The OSCE is primarily a communication exam which requires practice to master. Accordingly, our course has been structured to provide significant practice with standardized patients. This is significantly more cases with standardized patients than available elsewhere - even from courses lasting months in length. For instance, the University of Toronto IPG bridging course lasts 4 months but only offers 16 cases with standardized patients whereas we complete more cases than that in a single day.

  • Our 1-student/1-station policy - During our mock OSCE days, we have arranged our course so that each student is given a private station at all times. Each case is held in a private room (so you won't overhear neighboring stations) and the licensed pharmacist and standardized patient at each station are solely focused on you. And since there is less than 45 seconds separating our cases, you continually practice cases all day.

  • We closely simulate the OSCE - We go to great lengths to simulate the OSCE environment so that the real exam will be a familiar and comfortable experience. Our course locations include real OSCE test facilities where the exam was held in the past, real standardized patients, licensed pharmacist assessors, a private room for every interactive station, placebo medications, door signs, references, props, patient profiles, and a buzzer sounding at the correct time intervals.

  • Our People - Our lecturers are known for their teaching excellence, education and experience. In addition to serving as pharmacists many hold positions as professors at Canadian Universities, heads of residency at hospitals and senior leadership positions within pharmacy associations. All our instructors have completed advanced degrees or pharmacy residencies (see lead instructor bios). But what they all share in common is a passion for teaching and desire to help students.

  • Video feedback - Every day, we videotape your performance in several OSCE stations which you review daily to reflect on your performance. Students who bring a USB key receive a free copy of their videos. In satisfaction surveys, students consistently state that their videos are a highly valuable source of feedback. There is often a remarkable improvement in a student's performance between their first video and their last.

  • Our small class sizes and low student to faculty ratio - We have more than twice as many instructors as students in each class - half of whom are licensed pharmacists, the other half are standardized patient actors. This allows us to provide an exceptional amount of personalized instruction and 1-on-1 coaching.

  • Our stellar satisfaction ratings - Our satisfaction scores are generally over 95% in satisfaction surveys distributed after class to all students with instructors not present and names optional.


“I am happy to inform you that I passed my OSCE. Your course as you had promised was very helpful for the preparation of OSCE. I have been recommending it to all my friends who would be appearing for it in future.”

-Urmila Shinde; passed the OSCE on her first try.

“I strongly recommend PharmAchieve. I'm a pharmacist who just graduated from University of Toronto and passed the OSCE with Pharmachieve's help. Doing their mock OSCE's really gave me a confidence boost, because even with the U of T training there isn't a lot of opportunities to do cases continuously. I'm living proof that PharmAchieve works.”

-Josh Lieblen, U of T Pharmacy Class of 1T0, OCP# 607983, passed on his first try.

“I have passed the OSCE (first trial and without starting my internship at any pharmacy), I cannot thank you enough for such an amazing course that gave me all the confidence and skills needed to passs the exam all the best and thanks million”

-Samar Hamdy, Email to PharmAchieve