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PharmAchieve is the premier Canadian facility for preparatory courses for the PEBC OSPE exam. We have coached hundreds of candidates for the OSPE exam. Our students have a much higher pass rate than the national average. We are known for our proven system of teaching and our results. Our students come from across Canada and overseas.

Simulated OSPE Station Videos
The video below features our lead OSCE instructor completing a case. It is filmed using the same actors, rooms and facilities as used for our courses. We use the same style and format as the real exam.

Technician OSPE Case #1: Flu

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Exposure To Three Types Of Exam Cases
OSPE Mock stations

PharmAchieve exposes you to three types of stations found on the exam:
  • Interactive Stations - where a mock patient or healthcare professional presents a case that you must solve in 6 minutes while you are observed and graded by a licensed pharmacist; and

  • Non-Interactive Stations - where you are asked to check and documents errors such as those in prescriptions, labels or a Medical Administration Record (MAR), or a blister pack.

  • Video Stations - where you must identify errors made by someone in a video preparing sterile compound in a hood.
The Most 1-to-1 Practice and Feedback

Our course delivers as much practice as possible. In addition to the 40 cases completed in small groups, you complete a further 20 mock interactive OSPE cases with standardized patients (in facilities similar to the real OSPE), with each case immediately followed by feedback from a licensed pharmacist. Each station is in a private room so that the patient and the pharmacist are solely focused on YOU.

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More than 95% of all people who have taken this course have indicated their high satisfaction with this course.
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