June 7, 2019 (Toronto) – PharmAchieve, the exclusive training and certification provider for the TELUS Kroll, today announced the launch of the Kroll Certification program. Developed in collaboration with TELUS Kroll, the certification program represents the most comprehensive Kroll course created. The course allows pharmacists, technicians and pharmacy assistants to be trained on the Kroll pharmacy platform both in-person and online. Unique to this course is PharmAchieve's ability to artificially generate adjudication issues and technical issues that users must encounter, to enable students to learn how to independently solve these issues. Students who complete the 2 day course and pass the requisite exam are given the title Certified TELUS Kroll Professional designation on their resumes signifying that they have proficiency in the Kroll platform.

Says, the Achieve Group CEO, Hooman Katirai, "This TELUS Kroll certification program is the most comprehensive Kroll course ever created. In the coming weeks we will be launching numerous new courses in support of our mission to help pharmacists advance in their careers"

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For further information please contact:

1-888-PASS-OSCE (1-888-727-7672)

About the Achieve Group:

The Achieve Group of Companies which includes PharmAchive (, NurseAcheive ( are among Canada's largest companies for training healthcare professionals including pharmacists, nurses and physicians. The company provides preparatory courses and products for licensing exams as well as for continuing education. It is currently, the only preparatory course provider for the PEBC exams accredited as a certified institution by the Canadian Government.

About the TELUS Kroll Pharmacy Solution:

The TELUS Kroll platform is used by a diverse group of pharmacy clients including chains, banners, institutions, independents, long-term care facilities and specialized clinical settings. Backed by more than 30 years of experience and customer satisfaction, Kroll™ PMS continues to evolve to support the ongoing evolution of the pharmacy practice.