EE Introductory Video
This video highlights our instructor lead EE course
MCQ Introductory Video
Below is a video that highlights the main features of our MCQ Course
Simulated OSCE Station Videos:
  • Filmed using the same actors, rooms and facilities used for our courses
  • Our lead OSCE instructor, Negeen Katirai, PharmD, plays the candidate role
  • In our classes a licensed pharmacist provides written and verbal feedback to the candidate following each station (not shown)
  • These videos are licensed strictly for non-commercial use
OSCE Case #1: Cold Sore
OSCE Case #2: New Prescription
OSCE Case #3: Doctor Station - Gonorrhoea
Technician Videos
Technician OSPE Case #1: Flu
Technician OSPE Case #2: Lower Back Pain
Technician OSPE Case #3: Sterile Preparation Entry Into Clean Room