keyboard_arrow_right How do I register?
You can register for all our classes and offerings by clicking here.
Who teaches your MCQ course? keyboard_arrow_right
PharmAchieve's MCQ course is taught by a team of 15 pharmacists. You can read more of our instructor bios here.
keyboard_arrow_right I don't live in Toronto, can I still take the MCQ course?
Yes, the program was designed to allow anyone to participate where there is a high-speed internet connection. More than 95% of all our more than 8,000 students attend our courses online owing to our excellent online experience.
keyboard_arrow_right I may not be able to attend all live lectures. Should I still take the instructor led course?
Yes, each live lecture is recorded and posted within 3 business days of the live lecture. You can watch that lecture an unlimited number of times; if you have a question you can get it answered by our faculty by posting on the Q&A Forum.
keyboard_arrow_right Can I switch between the online and offline version of the Instructor-led stream?
We have structured our course so that we do not distinguish between our online and offline students. Students have the option of attending each lecture online or offline; however these offerings are taxed differently and you will be asked to pay the difference in taxes.
keyboard_arrow_right Where are the classes held?
You can attend the instructor-led classes in a physical classroom in the North York, Toronto or online from any location with high-speed internet access. Both of these options are the same price and provide a similar experience.
keyboard_arrow_right What is the expected time commitment in the instructor led course?
Students in our instructor-led class are expected to spend about 35 hours per week as follows:
  • Readings: 17 hours
  • Assignments: 4 hours
  • Lecture: 6 hours
  • Question Bank: 5 hours
  • Remediating your weaknesses discovered by the question bank: 3 hours
keyboard_arrow_right Do I have access to the online recordings of lectures if I attend the physical classroom?
Yes. All students enrolled in the instructor-led Course have access to all lecture recordings. This allows students to make up for lectures they missed and to review important topics.
keyboard_arrow_right What if I experience a connection problem when trying to connect online?
We record all lectures and post them online for our students, allowing you to review any portion of a lecture you may have missed. It also allows you review past lectures.
keyboard_arrow_right How satisfied are your students?
In a satisfaction survey where the following questions were asked on a 5 point scale ranging from very unsatisfied (0/5) to very satisfied (5/5), 94% of students gave us a perfect 5/5 in response to ALL THREE of the following questions:
  1. How satisfied are you with the course?
  2. Would you recommend the course to a friend?
  3. If you could go back to your decision to choose PharmAchieve's MCQ Preparation course, would you still pick us?
keyboard_arrow_right Is financial support available?

PharmAchieve does not offer direct financial support; however, we work with other organizations who do:

  • Windmill Microlending - Offer loans to those newcomers to Canada. Must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or status refugee.
  • Access Community Capital Fund - Offer low-interest, affordable loans up to $15,000 for tuition, child care and living expenses associated with training to internationally trained pharmacists who are newcomers to Canada residing in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton. Must have permanent resident, Canadian citizen, or convention refugee status to apply. Contact Fares Khouri at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Skills Connect - Offer grants to newcomers to British Columbia