PharmAchieve's Evaluating Exam Features and Benefits

Our PEBC Evaluating Exam offers you the highest chances to succeed. Read on why we are the most authoritative and comprehensive solution on the market today.

(Online or offline)
Immediate online access to: Course Notes based on the latest Exam Syllabus
Our class is the first course to be built from the ground up based on the new PEBC exam syllabus, and our online materials are continually updated at no charge based on the latest guidelines and practices. This results in materials you can trust.
Access to online EE Question Bank featuring:
  • 5,200+ questions aligned PEBC syllabus
  • Instant grading and explanations on why your answers are right or wrong
  • Generate your own quizzes on any topic, with the number of questions you want
  • Unlimited repeats of exams/quizzes
Practice makes perfect. Our question bank is an instructive tool that not only instantly grades your answers but also tells you why your answers are correct/incorrect. Timed responses help you get used to the pace of the exam.

    Access to:
  • 40 live lectures and case discussions held over 20 weeks - attend online or in a physical classroom
  • Lecture notes used in lecture. Save time through concise summaries and illustrations specifically designed for the May 2019 Syllabus (latest).
Having an experienced instructor to answer your questions and lead you through patient case discussions will increase your chances of passing. Lectures and lecture notes save you time by covering each topic in a few hours including your questions. Our recordings allow you to review lectures as often as you'd like.

Taught by award winning faculty from Canadian universities Dr. Mark McIntyre, ACPR PharmD:
  • 10+ years of clinical hospital and community experience
  • Adjunct Faculty, Univ. of Toronto
  • Pharmacist, ER at Mount Sinai Hospital
  • Award, Teaching Excellence, Univ. of Toronto
  • Award, PharmD Preceptor of the Year, Univ. of Toronto
  • Award, Excellence in Prof. Collaboration, Univ. of Toronto Med School
and Dr. Murray Cuttler, PhD
  • Adjunct Professor, University of Waterloo
  • 5 Years of experience teaching pharmacists in subjects such as pharmacology, pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics, calculations and drug development
  • Winner and nominee of several teaching awards
and 10 other professors (click to see more)
Confidence that your course will be taught by a highly qualified instructor with the education, teaching and assessment credentials required to answer your questions. We are the only course with both a pharmacist and pharmacologist (allowing us to cover both the basic sciences and pharmacy practice portions of the exam syllabus.

Access to our Q&A Forum where you can:
  • Submit questions which are answered by our PharmD/PhD faculty
  • Browse categorized answers to hundreds of questions submitted by other students
Get your questions answered by highly educated and experienced pharmacists in the field.

Class discussions designed to help you the solve patient case questions perceived to be the most common and difficult on the exam. You are given a patient's chart and asked up follow-up questions such as likely diagnosis, prognosis, and best course of treatment.

We provide weekly patient cases and discuss how to solve cases by asking the right questions. This learning process emphasizes logic and reasoning over rote memorization.
Strength and Weakness Wheel™ (tool that assesses your readiness for the exam) in 80+ areas and all 9 competencies

You only get 3 chances to pass the exam. This tools assesses your readiness so that you can make an informed decision of whether you are ready to attempt the exam.

A team that includes multiple full-time pharmacists

To our knowledge we are the only PEBC® prep company that employs full-time staff including multiple pharmacists and pharmacologists for course development - which allows us to provide up to date materials.

Our teaching team includes both a pharmacy and pharmacology professor

Historically the EE was focused on the basic sciences and calculations and could be taught by pharmacologists. This all changed in January 2015 when a new syllabus was released with a 50% exam weighting on pharmacy practice - which only pharmacists, who treat patients, are qualified to provide. We provide you the best of both worlds by bringing together an award-winning pharmacists professor with therapeutic knowledge with an award-winning pharmacology professor - allowing us to cover the material with unmatched breadth and depth.

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As a PharmAchieve student you can obtain these needed resources more cost effectively than elsewhere, including
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$1195 +Tax Physical
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